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Evidence Of The Modern Riding Style?

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Bayliss did a stunning comeback this weekend and looked to have the outright speed to finish well inside the top ten, but struggled with tyre issues. Watching Bayliss on the bike was strange, him sitting like they did back in the 1980s in 500GP racing, basically. In addition to the tyre issues, you could see the Ducati bucking and weaving and protesting underneath Troy, whereas Davis on the same bike had a very calm ride. A result of set-up or rider style?



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I would say on a "frameless" bike like the Ducati 1199R...


IMHO it takes much more active management(TC + body postioning ) to stabilize the bike


I know you like Duhan's style of hanging off by the arse but Duhan has Honda's perimeter frame + one crazy low COG + light bike during the GP500 days.


Torque buildup was also much smaller on GP500 bikes compared to newer 4 stroke bikes of the 999CC MOTOGP era.


now factor in that Mr Bayliss rides like duhan ...



with a frameless bike (lighter but less forgiving) , higher AND more rearwards COG (V configuration 4 stroke), crazy torque delivery (V2 desmo) and a single sided swingarm ( direct opposite of a perimeter based gullwing swingarm)


you get a recipe for wiggles , shakes and disaster

(the 1199R is like a loaded spring with no energy to dissipate but snap back unlike a u shaped perimeter frame where the energy can oscillate and dissipate without noticeable effect on the stability) when pushed over the limit.


The Germans aint dumb you see, they dissected Japan's big 4 and learned to best or even beat them in those areas that they excel.


Even Aprilia went for the perimeter frame + 2 sided swingarm approach.


Ducati's motoGP effort... perimeter frame + 2 sided swingarm should tell alot on what works and dont on the top level of racing in the world...


just my 2c

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