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Feedback On 2 Day Vegas Boo Camp

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The Jolly German here, here is my feedback regarding my 2 day March Vegas riders boot camp. First or dust –tar up, I would and will recommend to any rider to take part of a CSS riders camp.

Not only are the coaches’ true coaches and listen, understand and truly are committed to each student’s success. However that doesn’t stop with the coaches, the entire staff is there to make it so pleasant that you actually cry when it’s time to leave the school :-(


In essence I would categorize my pointers- feedback more administrative adjustments.

Here are a couple pointers that I found needs to be refined IMHO;

2 day Riding Boot Camp observation, Vegas March 2015


a) The Off Track Bike drills where for me one of the major buy-ins, especially the sliding and front lock up bike. Sadly due to scheduling conflict I was only able to partake in the lean bike and lost 1 entire track session including all other off track drills as well.


B) At the end of day 1, a riding-achievement summary was missing. The next day I felt confused where my skill level was, and my confidence due to the newly learned techniques bottomed out. I simply wasn’t sure if I correctly apply those new techniques the correct manner or not.


c) At the end of the 2 day boot camp riding school program, there was no overall summary of achievements and or improvements aka scoring card based on the learned techniques, I wasn’t sure how I overall performed and which techniques more needed work aka homework.


d) It would be great having a continuous improvement strategy laid out for 2 day boot camp students, which could tie into CSS next levels.


e) Also my expectation of the video reviews where not meet, I thought it would provide me with better understanding of my riding shortcomings. Sadly I didn’t get the needed feedback, for ex. Saying that I have to look at a RP for step 2 make sense, but for myself is how did you derived or concluded this error on the video. I can’t see it.. Sorry I should spoke up more during the video session.


Anyhoooow Keith, you and your 19 CSS Vegas crew members treated us like family, it was difficult to leave. Thank you again for improving my riding skills and giving me a framework from which I can improve upon. Still it would tremendously beneficial having a having a continues improvement strategy laid out for me – us students at the end of the school curriculum.




Twin Cities, MN

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Hi Gerhard,


Thanks for the detailed feedback. We will make every effort to improve the areas that were not to your expectations, and glad that overall you got a good result.



Cobie (your on track coach, day 2)

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Yes I know who you are... even whith your cap pulled down 'Cobie' lol

Again, you and Gerry teach me a ton; so much so that I use the vision drills and cornering drill's during my car drivin -grin

And I cant be a backseat driver anymore uuuuaaahh.


Cheers & heads up,


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