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Watching Yourself As You Ride


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Keith talks about the safest and easiest way of improving is to watch yourself as you ride...for those that have already attended a school day, is this about taking a step back in your imagination and watching another you over there ride the bike? Are you doing it as you ride (reflection in practice) or after you ride (reflection on practice)


Sorry if this sounds a little airy fairy, I have done some NLP training (Neuro Linguistic Programming for a google search on the subject) and a lot of what Keith says in his books and dvd really make sense from an NLP perspective.


There is one 'tool' in NLP called the "New Behaviour Generator" and simply put you observe a master at work (a golfer, a tennis player, a bike rider, etc) in your minds eye.....you then see another you over there carring out the same skill continuing to watch yourself, perhaps you make the other you over there make a few changes....and then in your minds eye you step into the you that you were watching and try it on for size...you go round the cycle again looking for improvements, making changes and noticing what results you get each time.......



Any comments guys?


PS When I get my bike I will be attending these school days :)

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In my opinion...


Visualization techniques are a great way to see a goal. A goal is kinda like a destination. Where you wanna be.


Kinda hard to get THERE if you don't know where HERE is. What's the next step? Which way should I go? Even a map won't help if you don't know where you are.


Getting a clear picture of what you ARE DOING NOW is the only way to help you decide what to do next. Where did you roll off the gas? Where did you apply the brake? Where did you release the brake? Where did you turn in? Where were you looking when you did?


Answer these questions and you get a clear idea of what you are doing now. And you have something concrete to work with. Brake sooner? Sooner than what? Turn later? Later than what?


Twist of the Wrist explains techniques for doing this. Reference points, products, sub-products, etc. Especially, techniques for "seeing the big picture". Moving your attention around without moving your eyes to notice things like reference points without "fixing" on them. Get the book. Read it. Eat it. Sleep it. Live it.


Just do it.

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I agree this seems like an extension of visualization, which has helped me out in a big way. The night before a race I do tons of perfect laps in my head and then try to come close to that the next day on the track. If I could only ride as well as I do in my head :)

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I coach high level snowboarders for a living (wish I got paid as much as Keith....LOL...maybe not).


Anyway, one day I was watching a 6 year old in my Snowboarding Competition series that made National Champ in his age division three years in a row hurl himself repeatedly over this huge pile of snow, bigger than my house, no kidding. When you ride up the 30 foot approach ramp to the lip at full speed to sail 60 feet over this "table-top jump" all you see is sky. You certainly cannot see the landing at all as it is WELL below the horizon. I asked Blake what thoughts were in his little head as he was going up that thing and was figuring that it surely must seem like a three-story hotel to him (he is only 3 1/2 feet tall). I honestly didnt expect the answer I got from this amazing 6 year-old. He calmly looked at me without skipping a beat and said, "I see myself landing the jump and riding away happy". WOW!


Don't ever question the power of pre-visualization. I don't care how gay you think it sounds..IT WORKS!

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