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Panigale 1299

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The 1299 sounds like an awesome machine. Can't wait to see the reviews. Hopefully they have managed to tame some of it's road manners a bit to make it more of a liveable bike when it's not being used on the track. Although at the same time some of the pain points on Italian made bikes are part of their charm. It makes them more special. When my Italian made stuff is not busy trying to kill me at low speeds or crushing my fingers between the bodywork and bars I'm all smiles hearing those awesome noises. :)

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Depends on where you race and what your goals are. ARHMA has provisions for the 1199 to go racing even though it's a 1200cc and is not exactly "historic". I'm sure there's some unlimited classes that you can squeeze it in through the cracks in the regulations in other club racing orgs. I have skimmed over a few of the rule books for fun but soon my eyes glaze over and I realize I have more important things to be doing. :)



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Correct... the Panigale R (they dropped the 1199 designation to separate from the 2014 1199R) has the 2014 SL engine so it can be raced in WSBK. On another note, one of the many things they did to make the new Flagship more rideable was to adjust the rake from 24.5 to 24. Fortunately for any of you 1199 owners out there you can by a kit directly from Ducati that will let you steepen the rake to 24 as well. You can also purchase a kit from Ducati that will convert your rear swing arm to the adjustable version for about $650. Haven't experienced for myself as of yet, but I here the RapidBike can significantly help with the vague midrange the 1199's suffer from. As for all of the other changes, you're on your own. :-p

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