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Wanted To Say Hello

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Hello everyone.


My name is Nicole. 38 years old. I have been riding for 6 years. 15k miles of road experience. And 6 track days under my belt. My next education hopes are Superbike School. First thing I did when I got my sport bike was read/watch Twist of the Wrist. It was eye opening.


But now I am ready to take it to the next step. Saving money daily to be able to join up with this great school for some on track class sessions! Really hoping to improve on every aspect of my skills. Happy to find this forum to visit until I can afford the class!


Pic is from my latest TD at Sonoma Raceway!


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Hey Nicole!


Looking great there in your photo for 6 track days. The school is a really awesome opportunity to fine tune your riding and learn a lot. The positive environment there and the endless smiles you see from all the staff at the school is amazing. They truly love what they are doing!


I find that the forum is also quite useful as well. I have had oddball questions about all sorts of topics. Both coaches and students help guide me in the right direction with no judgement as to my misinformation or thought process. The forum here is just as amazing as the school itself.


Feel free to ask questions. You will probably pick up a lot of good information even before your first school.

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I'll second what Robert said about looking pretty good for your 6th TD. Little hard to tell from the angle, but it looks like your getting off the bike fairly well and staying low over the tank.


Quality on track coaching will make a world of difference though, so best of luck saving all you pennies :D



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Welcome Nicole, we're in desperate need of female population diversity here. I'll tell you a little secret about these forums: I won't mention her name, but the fastest forum member and California club racing champion is a woman...

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