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[Spoiler] Valencia Races

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I guess the most exciting thing about this race was Rossi' charge up through the field the first 12 laps.

From then on, he maintained his position as 4th, but went backwards compared to Pedrosa, Marquez, and Lorenzo.


Lorenzo did what he had to do - win the race and rode a great race. So did Marc and Dani.


Rossi's comments after the race was just downright disgraceful; that Dani & Marc was "protecting" Jorge so he could win the championship. This is the Dark ("Moon") Side of Rossi showing: when he's close to winning but quite can't win, he gets pissed off and sees conspiracies against him winning.

Rossi didn't like Lorenzo winning over him last time they rode in the Yamaha Factory team, and he doesn't like it now. Unfortunately, (IMHO), he's acting like a spoiled brat who is entitled to win the championships.


The hard data says that Rossi just isn't fast enough to beat Marc & Jorge (and likely Dani too). Rossi did very consistent 1:32.1-.2 laps for most of the race, with two laps under the 1:32 mark: Laps 3 & 4 where he did 1:31.997 and 1:31:820.


Lorenzo? He did 1:31.7-31.8 laps until lap 20, when he dropped "down" to 1:32.0-3. Lorenzo's slowest lap (not counting the opening lap) was the final lap of 1.32:331.


The spectator's booing of the podium was also a disgrace - motorcycling gone footballing.


Im my opinion, we got the right champion this year: the fastest guy. Jorge Lorenzo.

Congrats to you Jorge.

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Honestly. Not much of a MotoGP fan so I'm neutral here.


I saw the highlights from a few of the races and have read a lot of the articles. If you look at the facts alone there's some really strange stuff going on. As an outsider with no rider I particularly care much about it sounds like Rossi got screwed. Honda still has not released telemetry data from the Marquez crash. Of course it was never in their best interests to do that as it would not support their version of the facts.


Issues like what happened to Rossi really are the reason I have very little interest in MotoGP. It's far less about being fast and far more about politics and playing with the rules the best. When you read about bike manufacturers like Honda getting political about the rules for advantages for their platform you realize it's less about racing and more about just winning at any cost. Including losing the spirit of right and wrong and fair competition.


The real question is would have Lorenzo won his championship without the help of Honda, Marquez and his own willingness to betray his own team? He won. The real question now is what it's going to cost him.

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There is a simple fact that Kai mentioned earlier; on a dry track Rossi could not match Lorenzo or Marquez in speed. If it had rained in any of the last three races Rossi would be the 2015 champion but it wasn't meant to be. I'm not sure of the rumor that Marquez, Pedrosa or HRC would "help" a rival team but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Rossi had a great season but he made his own bed here and now he has to think about losing the championship because of things he did that cost him points. Hopefully he has learned something this season about squandering opportunities that ultimately cost him his 10th title.

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Rossi needed 6 more points somewhere to win the title,


none of what may or may not have transpired at any of the last three rounds would have made up those points,


If he had placed 3rd in Australia, cause he didn't have the pace to keep up with Lorenzo or Marquez it would have netted him 4 more points, not enough to make up the difference,


In the end Lorenzo won more races, and scored more points despite a DNF, he deserved the championship,


But I still would have loved to see Rossi bag # 10

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Just an observation. Race tracks are far from a vacuum. Lap times alone don't decide race outcomes. Riders have an affect on one another and that was demonstrated quite well by Marquez and Rossi.


Valentino won 9 championships previously. The man has lost his share of races and championships. Why would someone with his reputation start making creative excuses in this stage of his career? If he said there was an issue I'm inclined to believe him. What's his motivation for making things up?


Regardless of what the outcome of this situation is there's an unfortunate side affect for both Lorenzo and Marquez. Some serious doubt around their integrity. In the short term Lorenzo won but what will that do for him in the long term? Only time will tell.

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