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The Unrideables

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I stumbled across these two great films about the great period of the late 1980'ies to the mid-'90ies when Wayne Rainey, Kevin Schwantz, Wayne Gardner, Eddie Lawson, Freddie Spencer, Kocinski and Doohan was riding "The Unrideables" - the most evil SOB 500cc 2-strokes.






Enjoy them, I certainly did :)


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Brings back memories. I was wondering though who was the rider who at that time introduced the stopie- wheelie super late braking technique that put him on apex just before all the classic line riders like Steady Edie?


Neither of these clips gives a hint. The two names that spring o mind are Rainey, or Mamola. One of our local biker mags did an entire feature back in the late 80s that contrasted the two lines, and interviewed the innovative rider...


The riders explanation ran something like this take the inside line. Brake very hard and late then as you apex, release the front brake, standup on the pegs, while cracking open the throttle but holding the speed by maintaining rear brakes. Standing up will pop a wheelie, at which point swing the bike onto your exit line at the apex and feed the power to the back wheel by letting the ear brake off. Grin madly as your opponents discover their apex blocked by an insane sliding sideways doing a wheelie.


I used to do a far more cautious version of this, that I used to think off as rubber banding. I'd roll the throttle on early balanced by a gentle rear brake, and load up the chain on the apex before real sing the brake at the apex. It seemed to launch me earlier and more smoothly than not using the rear brake. But then again I was young and willing to try anything.

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