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Hello From Cleveland, Ohio


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Hello, my name is John, I am in my 40's, and I began riding in 2014. It has been a thrill on many levels learning how the motorcycle works. I did read many of the preeminent sport bike books. Among the techniques, I found what Keith has taught I can immediately feel and apply. (Some of the educational approaches did not feel right.) Pivot steering in particular provides a fast, smooth, and nearly effortless lean. (Thank you Keith.) I joined this forum as part of my continuing education.

Regarding the word "countersteering": I am unable to find any variant of this word in Webster's dictionary. I am curious about the history of this word, when it was first used and by whom. It seems to have been part of the common lexicon for quite a while now and thus it seems past the time for it to be included in all of the major dictionaries. Who is in charge of all of the motorcycle words anyway? :)

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As far as I know the first time the term was published anywhere in regards to motorcycle riding was in Keith Code's book "A Twist of the Wrist", over 30 years ago (1983).


When the Twist books have been translated, I think in many cases they've had to come up with a word for countersteering, because there wasn't one in common use. I'm not sure if that makes Keith the one "in charge of all the motorcycle words"... but he really did write the book on motorcycle riding. :) For sure he'd be the first person I'd ask if I needed a word to describe a riding technique!

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