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Hang Off On Cbr's Plastic Tank Cover?

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I have a fiberglass tank over over the actual tank of my R6. I put the grips to the tank cover and have no problems. A friend has a BMW F800, where "the tank" isn't a tank and he doesn't have any problems either.

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Thanks for the info. I was wondering if the cover might break loose or that it might feel unsteady mid-corner because I can grab it and wiggle it in the showroom. I don't understand why Honda thinks the cover is necessary, but the current design allows the cover to hide wiring that is routed on the outside. If I get a chance to stand next to Marquez's bike, I'd like to see if it has a plastic cover or not.

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I recently got a 06 CBR1000 which also has a plastic tank cover. The ECU as well as other wiring is under the cover, right in plain view as soon as it's removed. Mine feels pretty solid and I was surprised to find it was a cover. I'm still putting Stomp Grips on it because I feel much more secure and it provides tactile feedback that I'm using my inner thighs instead of upper body.

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