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Went Helmet Shopping This Weekend

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I tried on several brands and sizes in each manufacturers flagship models. I thought I had a good fit with a particular brand until I found the best fit with the HJC RPHA 10. I was surprised of my choice and don't think it would have mattered if I were blindfolded. I didn't buy on the spot because they had limited colors in stock and I didn't care for one of the available choices. I looked online and felt better about what was there.


It was online that I learned that the RPHA 11 is now available and if the marketing hype is to be believed, I should forgo the 10 and pay the small delta for the 11.


Has anyone tried the 10 and 11 and done any type of fitment comparison? I'd hate to get the 11 and have my dome not feel as cradled as it did in the RPHA10.

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Helmets, boots and gloves are part of that sphere where I won't buy online unless I know *exactly* what I'm getting. I would not want to buy an RPHA11 only to find that it doesn't have the right fitment like the 10 did.


I rememer some years ago I found that the fitment of the various models from the same helmet vendor (Shoei) varied quite a lot on my head. I have an X-Spirit (I think), which fits me really nice, but sits so low on my head that I can't use it on the track because it obscures my vision when in full tuck.

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Just an update: I bought the RPHA 11. Very nice and lightweight helmet. It didn't take very long for it to break-in either and I'm glad I got the tighter fitting one.


The helmet comes with a clear and smoke shield and an anti-fog insert. The insert is not optional equipment, which I learned the hard way.

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I've learnt the hard way that there are different helmet shapes (from narrow to rounded) and that there are different helmet shapes for the same brand.

The worst is that you won't know whether an helmet has the right shape for your head until you ride for at least 30 minutes at higher speed. At that point you should be able to feel pressure points if the helmet shape is wrong. More infos here: http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-helmets/motorcycle-helmet-shapes.htm

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