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MotoAmerica Superbike Race 1 @ ViR ***SPOILER ALERT***


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Did anyone see this race?

Well, I looked at the collision between Tony Elias and Josh Herrin and I disagree with the officials' determination to penalize Herrin. I think it was political bowing to the "almighty grace" of former MotoGP rider, Tony Elias. I'm beginning to think that Elias might be a bad attitude waiting for something to happen to him so he can lash out. He did so at Cameron Beaubier when Cameron's pass was legit. I blame the press for trying to drum up drama and create a rivalry between those two...inadvertently they may make Elias into the Superbike badboy image.

At any rate- I'd like to protest Herrin's 3 position penalty (although it won't do any good). I think Race Direction's biases are showing, just like the old days when they wanted to punish Mat Mladin.

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I respectfully disagree. Josh Herrin was clearly at fault. It appeared that Josh was going to beat Tony into the corner but he was out braked by Elias. Look at the replay again. A rule I try to live by in racing is to show the other rider a front wheel. If you can show a wheel, then you have the position. Josh Herrin's front wheel never got in front of Tony's right foot peg. In fact it was Herrin's front wheel hitting Elias's right peg that caused Herrin to crash. Another indication was Herrin getting up and immediately going over to Elias apologizing.

If I am racing into a corner and I can't see you, or any part of you bike, I have the position. :)

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If that doesn't merit a penalty, what does? I say no penalty if:

1.) you lose your front brake and crash into me.

2.) You blow an engine and crash into me.

3.) A third rider hits you and you crash into me

4.) You are clearly ahead in the corner and I hit your bike

5.) another rider spills fluids on the track and you crash into me

6.) You have a seizure and crash into me.

7.) You have a flat and crash into me 

Otherwise if I am the points leader, I am in a position to continue leading the points and you crash into me by making a mental mistake or should I say a very bad decision, you should pay. Not to mention the rider could have been seriously hurt and the bike was trashed.

Losing grid positions, or points in a race series is a good motivator for better decision making.

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