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How thought interferes with learning to corner?

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Are you fully conscious of your thought process and the conflicts that it brings while learning to corner?

How difficult it is for you to keep a tranquil mind, eager to learn, free from old concepts, feelings and old fears?


When you come to this school, you have been riding for a while.

During that time, you have been accumulating experiences, techniques, advice (good and bad).

Then, you are certain that you understand many things related to riding, speed, control and so on.

You have developed a psychological comfort zone within which you ride.


The school presents new things for you to learn now.

Your experiences belong to the many days of riding, to the past.

Do you see the conflict?

Do you see the importance of reducing thought as much as possible, being thought that constant chatting, comparing, resisting, fearing, past memories, which can only slow your learning process down?


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Yes, there is a conflict. Having only experienced riders mandates that the school is not a place for mindless automatons who accept on blind faith.

In the learning process we do a comparison of old information and new and this is what allows a person to choose a change. Fortunately we are predisposed to wanting said change after convincing ourselves that CSS can help and putting our money behind that faith.

I think however you raise another good point- how to evaluate from a fresh perspective? That idea may be worth many mental gymnastics.

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