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Long interval between levels 1 and 2 schools

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I took Level 1 in 2008.  I've been riding frequently in the interim.  I've signed-up for the Level 2 school in October (2017).  I think it'll be fine, but let me know if I'm insane.  Also let me know if I shouldn't do this.  LOL.



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Jaybird 180, I've wanted to return to the school for some time.  I have everything lined-up (again) to attend: leathers, suitable bike (I prefer to use my own), good health, a few bucks...the problem I'm having is the necessity to schedule so far in advance.  That, and I have a long ways to travel to get to the Streets of Willow (my preferred venue).  I live in Rosamond, California.


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There can be wonderful gains for sense-of-self when you plan a stable goal and arrange the dangling participles of life to meet that goal. Book your date, no matter how far out, be mindful of the date and watch how your life's arrangements accommodate.



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