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Spyder at CSS

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Even some 2 wheeled motorcycles are not always suited for track use.  I'm involved with facilitating some track days at a local track that's very tight and technical.  For safety reasons we often won't allow certain large and unsuitable bikes. I have had to deliver some bad news to people riding Hayabusa's with extended swingarms and lots of other bikes that would be too much of a safety issue for the rider themselves and others on the track.  Many of these would be fine on a less technical track. 

The school rents some really nice bikes.  Reserve one of those instead.

Another problem with the Spyder.  There's very few (if any) people using these on the track.  Some questions you might want answers to.  What pressure do you use?  Are there different tire options?  How does it react to a loss of grip? Do you use a motorcycle line or a car line?  Without answers to these you have the potential for lots of unpleasant surprises. 

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