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Training the cornering weak side


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I'm having a hard time to improve my weak side corners, left in my case. My speed is lower and the lean angle is around 5 degrees less than the right corners.

Are there exercises designed to train the weaker side?

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I am also sharing this same concern! Mine is my right side. I believe it is because I am so used to giving more space on my right side due to driving cars. I have been trying to overcome it by riding my bicycle and forcing myself to mimic the same things I do on my left. 

Exercises or more information would be a great help though!!! I am going to Level III this weekend. If I can gather any information before this thread gets a response, I will share what I learned. 

I know when I was learning on the lean bike, I exhibit a weakness in form. On my right handed turns, I do not lock my knee into the tank nor my elbow resting as well on the gas tank. 

My suggestion would be to look for the easiest solution first. Is it form? Is it the way you are tilting your head and this is messing with your perception of the turn? If you find anything out, please share as well. 

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AdamZisa mentioned that he rides bicycles to help. I saw something interesting this morning. that may be relevant to bad sides and I think Hotfoot is already on the trail. I saw this woman on a bicycle and it looked like she was struggling, fighting the bike. Yes, there was a slight uphill slope but I don't think that was the root of her problem. I noticed as I passed in my car the opposite direction that her elbows were bent at significantly different angles. Her right elbow was above horizontal and her left was down closer to her hip, yet the bike was going straight - I ruled out a pretzeled bike.

Got me to thinking about my own body position and the pain I have on the left side of my back.

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