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Crash test dummy

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I have had my share of road crashes. Mostly due to riding too fast for the conditions. Monday two weeks ago, I had another, this time caused by a low sun in the face, a slightly poor choice of line followed by a rapid steering input to make the corner sharper in order to get a good exit line. When I went down, it was totally unexpected as the speed was not aggressive at all, doing about 50 mph. Upon inspection, I had made the steering input on top of an oil spill that also continued as a streak that followed my trajectory precisely. Although not happy about the crash, it was good to understand the why.

My NOS AGV GP PRO sacrificed itself and kept my head safe, and my leathers protected my skin. After sliding along the asphalt, I flew over a small ditch and into a banking where I made a big impression, before being tossed back, helicopter style, onto the road. The helmet took 3 hits, two of them quite severe. And for once the bike took the brunt, not me. Had the bike been OK I could have ridden away, but this is the end of my son's old bike. I took a pillion ride home on my own bike instead, motored by the son who's bike got totaled. And I could go to work the next day.

My new helmet is a Shark Spartan Carbon, because it fit me even better than the AGV (it's the second GP Pro I have cracked), is lighter and has an integral sun visor. Also tried a Shoei, but that are as painful today as they were 10 and 20 years ago - totally wrong for my head-shape.

The point of this? Just to show that it is important to always wear good protective gear; a snug fitting quality helmet, gloves with knuckle protection (my knuckles were swollen, but whole, thanks to this feature) and a suit with padded added protection. Something I expect the majority of members here using all the time. 











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I just posted a video clip of my crash and I've got no permanent bodily injury. My finger tips feel a little singed but that's about it. I got zapped on my elbow by the hook on my trailer packing up (go figure).

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