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Riding a School Bike

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When I talked with the Office staff, they made a point to remind me that there was another bike available other than the S1000RR for student rental, albeit in short supply. Can someone please remind me which model that is?



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CSS is piloting a program this year to work with Children. @Dylan Code can fill in the details.

I’m going to try to get my children into it as we’re at the tail end of their first racing season. They’re 5 & 8 and have a 2yo brother following intently (not riding yet).

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10 hours ago, Ricky said:

which school is best for the children who want to ride

Where you located? How old are the kids? You can try doing an internet search for a local minimoto organization or a school on small dirtbikes, they are more often geared to young riders.

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Keith told me he will train a rider WITH DOCUMENTABLE RACING EXPERIENCE as young as ______ (I cannot recall the number). Certain tracks have age restrictions but CSS has the most freedom at their home track. 

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