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best ergonomic mods?

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What's the best modification or accessory you have done or added to your bike to make it more comfortable for you to ride, or put you in better control?

For me, adding Stompgrip on the tank made a huge difference (on every bike I've had) on being stable on the bike, and adjusting the clutch and brake lever and the shift lever have made me more accurate with the controls.

What have you done to your bike that has made it more comfortable, easier to ride, or put you more in control?

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Many people buy a bike that's just wrong for them from the beginning. This is often the new rider who buys based on looks, buddies or moto-journaists' opinion. They live with the difficulty not knowing what they're missing. Sadly, many don't seek to modify what they have. Case in point is that you'll find many suspension settings left at the positions as delivered.

On bikes above entry level you'll get adjustable hand and foot controls. I've kept aftermarket rear sets on my bikes; on my previous bike I needed a higher position. My current bike got them because I needed GP shift (is that an ergo mod?) and that was the only way I knew how to do it (found out about an aftermarket part later), but the stock position felt more comfortable, albeit with a slightly inferior lock on the tank.

I put Apex bar risers on my bike during it's winter makeover. I've only ridden it twice in the new configuration, but it's more suitable to my body dimensions. Still needs a little tweaking though. I tend to like Stomgrips also. Unfortunately, my heat gun caught fire as I was preparing to add my newest set, so I didn't install them yet.

Are mirrors an ergonomic item? I have a love/hate relationship with them- can't find a set that satisfies. I've had exactly ONE set that I liked but I seem DRAWN like a moth to a flame to buying something other than that brand...then I get disappointed and just resign to live with it until I break or scratch them, then I repeat the process.

I've considered larger hand grips because...I've got big hands. And I wanted something more "cushiony". I think I"m good with the new ones I put on with the Apex set.

I'll eventually get around to changing the windscreen. I think I need something with more wind protection. And I think the bike will look better with a tinted windscreen. I previously had an expensive European brand on it and I didn't get anything but it's good looks. I may have to go with an American brand that's more functional.


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