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Dunlop Q4!

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12 hours ago, Dylan Code said:

The best person to ask would be the Dunlop race tire distributor at your track day. Other than that I would start off with 32 PSI front and 30 rear. The Dunlop tire engineer who designed the Q4 said that they are less sensitive to pressure than other tires like slicks. He's the one who gave me those psi figures. 

Thank you so much man! 

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Having worn out more than my fair share of both Q3+ and Q4's

 I have found the q4's last just as long as the Q3+ (track or street) which last less than the Q3 and less still than the Q2 did on the same bike ridden the same way and it didn't matter regardless if I did all street riding or all track riding, when compared same to same riding every generation wore out faster than the previous sans the Q3+ to Q4


I have been on Metzelers now for a few years and like them better for how and where I ride. but, the Dunlops work great and I had no issues with them sans their lifespan


I guess that is one advantage to having worn out over 40 sets of tires on the same bike and keeping a journal. I can look at how long they lasted and where they were ridden the shortest lifespan has been just over 400 miles (all track on Q3+ and Q4), longest has been 7800 miles (all street on Metzeler Roadtec 01)

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