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  1. I am glad I only buy oem manuals from the manufacturer. that looks, well it doesn't look good
  2. Having worn out more than my fair share of both Q3+ and Q4's I have found the q4's last just as long as the Q3+ (track or street) which last less than the Q3 and less still than the Q2 did on the same bike ridden the same way and it didn't matter regardless if I did all street riding or all track riding, when compared same to same riding every generation wore out faster than the previous sans the Q3+ to Q4 I have been on Metzelers now for a few years and like them better for how and where I ride. but, the Dunlops work great and I had no issues with them sans their lifespan
  3. Famous quotes MM never said for 200 alex, ... lol I wish him well and hope to see him back in full health mode next season as well and thank you for the well wishes...... @ 58 I do not heal nearly as fast as I did at 28 or even 38, where is that magic time machine, gee all the technology and still no time machine.
  4. I did pull out my CSS book and notes from my last attendance in 2013. It'll give me some notes and memories to go over to help prepare during the long winter preparing for 2021
  5. Had my 6th surgery, hoping it is the last. took more than a week to even remotely move around afterwards, and now 5 weeks out I feel about the same as I did days before the surgery. Lung pulled up for repair Some sort of metal "filter" thing installed (Vena Cava filter) ribs spread and lung lining wall had to be stitched up, they pulled the lung out again to make sure it was good (apparently removing the staples from surgery 1 nicked the lung lining wall enough to have it bleed and fill the lung cavity around the lung) 2 bone chips removed from L4 (micro surgery something
  6. There are no go kart tracks around here any more. There is an indoor place but they stopped letting motorcycles ride it awhile ago. (probably that way too much/long winter where they still are paying taxes etc but zero income thing on all those outdoor places that were around in the 70's and 80's and have long since closed) I have rented the local tracks in the past and brought a dozen to a few dozen people with me, and I have attended no less than 30 trackday events including 3 times @ 2 days each with CSS, plus Schwantz school once, Spencers school once, and some other actual school for
  7. Leader always has the right of way. ie... Lawson was at fault for hitting Schwantz
  8. I agree, I almost exclusively ride on the street now but have atleast 100,000 miles of racing and track riding under my belt, and all my riding I do now I only do it for fun not commuting. Safety is always the top prioroty for me but that said I have still managed to hit 7 deer on my motorcycles over the years, twice ending up in the emergency room for atleast a week each. maybe at 58 now, my visual skills and reaction times are not as good as they once were but I am positive they are still better than almost everyone I ride with, as I observe many of their riding behaviors and reac
  9. #1 - Visual skill, lack of target fixation. You have to see the situation or threat before anything else can happen. #2 - Quick reflexes. Once you see the threat/issue you need to make the right reaction. #3 - Ability to steer quickly. If you need to change direction, this is important. #4 - Physical Condition. Its important so you can enjoy your ride and not be fatigued (and sloppy) #5 - A lowly last is Brave. Just being brave will likely get you in real trouble. One skill not mentioned is ability to brake safely and quickly in all riding attitudes (straight up,
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