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Getting back into bikes after lay off


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Hi, I am new on here, I have ridden bikes over 30 years but recently got back into them after 17 years off,! The technology has moved on so far! I bought an 899 Panigale and had problems with my throttle hand going numb so I now have a 2017 factory tuono which I love.I have a track day booked in September for castle coombe in the uk.I am going to book the school next year to do all four levels. can anyone recommend the best uk tracks to do this please! I want to do two consecutive days and 2 levels at a time.I could ride at a reasonable pace but want to learn more and how to use the traction control to know when the tyres at there maximum grip etc. Any advise is very welcome, thanks. Nik

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Hi Nik,

Haven't yet been to Bedford (a new track), but heard excellent reports on it.  For a more complete review, you can contact the UK branch, ask to be put through to a coach, they'd have the most current and thorough recommendations.

Just today had a long chat with their Chief Riding Coach, Gary Adshead.  Sharp character, and been there a long time, his team should take good care of you.
Here is there contact info: https://superbikeschool.co.uk/contact.php



 +44 (0)1327 855553
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