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2016 s1krr front 2D sensor

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Recently installed a front fork 2D sensor and plugged it in and had both rebound and compression in the settings, stoked!  Finished prepping the bike and went to the track, turn the key on, and only dampening in the settings, bummer! My Son rides our track only race bike. 2016 Premium. Has DDC/DTC, but we deleted ABS. Recently installed HP Power Kit/RCK3 with full Akra Ti with wide band O2 sensor and Rapid Bike A/F Mgmt., also Sprint P16 filter and AIT relocation kit. Installed Alpha crankcase breather kit rather than delete the pair rail. Bike is so fast now! Some BST Carbon Fiber wheels with new rotors were a game changer, totally made Bike so easier to ride. We still like Metzeler K2 Slicks (200/60 rear) but hard to get in US. Other upgrades include Brembo M4 Calipers and RCS19 Corsa Corta Master cylinder (huge braking improvement) Lightech rear sets, clip ons, chain adjusters, mirror block offs, quick release fuel cap, brake lever guard, caps, bolts, etc.  Mostly Carbon Fiber Bodywork with Woodcraft protection. We’ll focus on Suspension next, thinking about Alpha stuff to keep DDC/DTC  94E1EA6D-1509-47C9-91FB-4EADAE1A6916.thumb.jpeg.e1fd9e323f24761b7ac482e9b55df721.jpeg

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I have the 2D sensor for my 2016 premium as well but I haven't installed it. I'm aware of the extra adjustment benefits but since you stated that your adjustments disappeared I'm hesitant. I wonder If deleting ABS had anything to do with it? 🤔 Let me know what you find out. 

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