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I want to call your attention to a couple of excellent articles in this month's (Mar 06) Road Racing World: "Lookin' for Respect" First Person/Opinion Back to School by Machael Gougis [pg 68] and "Is More Power Better" First Person/Opinion Moving Up from ZX-6R to ZX-10R by Stuman aka Stuart Smith [pg 76].


The first is about a self described frustrated road racer who returned to School when he found he had plateaued after ten years of racing. For those who still wonder "does it make sense to spend the money for School?" read this article. It is a stong, first person endorsement of the benefits that Keith and the School offer riders all over the world.


The second is about the real issues involved when a rider decides its time to go in the tall grass where the big dogs go. Upping the ante from a screaming Super Sport class 600 to a track prepped intimidating liter bike. For those on this forum who have had the very good fortune to have Stuman as their track coach at a Superbike School, he brings the same analytical, detailed approach to his writing as he does his coaching. If you are contemplating the jump, here's a really good first person account of what to expect and why it isn't as easy as it might seem.



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