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Jorge vs Doohan


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Noticed Lorenzo was hopelessly slower than everybody else at the recent test, more than 3 seconds off the Aprilias. The explaination was that he is unfit and have not ridden since January.
I remember Doohan in 1999 at PI. He could not walk properly and had to be lifted onto the bike, and his hand did not have the power to pull the clutch. The bike had a totally new powerband due to Criville wanting top end over driveability. Doohan dis not know the tires, the setup or anything else as the plan was to just wave to the crowd. As I remember it, he waved most of the first lap, found it fun, upped the pace for lap two and eased off again. On his semi-flying lap I believe he was 2.5 seconds off the new lap record set by Roberts jr. 
In comparison, I find Jorge to be underwhelming.
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Maybe not be so hard on Jorge.

I was really disappointed when Stoner retired as I really liked him as a rider and a person. It took awhile for it to be revealed that he was dealing with a rare medical issue.

I suspect something has been going on with Jorge for several years that hasn't been disclosed.

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