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2006 Kawi 6rr Chatter Gremlins

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So Im throwing this out there to those that may have ideas...and are maybe better/faster riders than I. You see, I ahve this unbelievable chatter issue with my 06 kawi 6RR. Its driving me crazy as we chase our tails trying to get it to calm down. i have done nearly everything to eliminate the prob. but nuthin is working. Mind you I am doing low 24's and mid 23's at willow Big track with the thing, but believe there is potencial to go waaay faster if I can get the friggin front wheel to stop bouncing around....DESCRIPTION: chatters like a basketball being dribbled at 2inchecs from the ground. Not hard, lose your fillings chatter, but more rubber-crazy-ball like. Only when Im at deep lean angles, not on the brakes. Bike handles low speed rolling bumps good, but and small inconsistancy or sharp bump sets it off. happens into mid, and on gas when bike is at good lean angles. Valving is rather heavey, as bike is nice and slow without diving on the brakesTHINGS i HAVE TRIED THAT HAD LITTLE TO NO EFFECT: I have had my forks revalved 5 times, changed oil levels from 130mm to 120, to 110mm. Installed 25mm cartrigekit, added small check valve (midvalving), then added heavey midvavling. Changed geomentry extensively. played with rear shock valving, and spring rates, and had rake/trail and swing arm angles measured and extensive toying with these #'s too. Had frame, tripples, and swing arm razor straightened. I run Dunlop dots, with the 190 rear. The more compression dampening I run the better it seems. the faster rebound I run, the better it seems...but Im on the deep ends of both spectrums...wuz up? ideas? experiences?

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I'm no suspendsion guru, but since noone else has picked this up, I'll give my two cents.


Reading through your post my gut instinct said "needs more compression damping". Which your final statements would seem to confirm. So, you seem to be going in the right direction. Since you have run out of adjustment, can you "revalve" the compression damping for a higher range so to speak? There are also different "speeds" of damping, high speed, low speed which I believe refer to the speed of the fork travel, not road speed. A suspension expert familiar with your make and model AND Willow Springs Raceway would be best. (I've never ridden there...can you believe that? There's a track I haven't ridden. Hmmm...a reason to live.)


Forks are especially tricky what with being able to adjust the volume of compressible air by changing oil level. (I assume you aren't reusing old fork oil.) I've never found a reason to alter recommended fork oil level myself. But I've also never ridden Willow. That being said, in several years of racing, I have learned that sometimes a certain amount of chatter is to be expected. Though from your description, it sounds unusually bad.


I would ask a few more questions:


Though your post didn't specify fork springs, I get the idea that you have tried different springs in the forks. Kawasaki or a suspension expert should be able to recommend exactly the correct spring rates for your model and weight.


Forgive me if I underestimate your experience and knowledge, but, for everyone: As a general rule for tuning ANYTHING: Make ONE adjustment at a time. If you change a bunch of stuff at once, you will end up chasing your tail. I only offer this because you mentioned many changes you have made. Though you didn't say you made them all at one, it's just the only other thing I can think of to offer as advice.


Good luck. I've seen suspenson guys on here in the past. Perhaps if youcall the school hey can recommend someone as their "home" track is Willow, I believe.

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thanks for your reply and $0.002. I too am surprised I havn't sparked up some more help. Also, no insult taken on your assumption of my experience. Sure, no way to know-But I am the current points leader out there, and also winning all the 600 classes, so experience, as well as understanding of everyhing you suggested is good. Trouble is, I have revalved those friggin forks like 5 times, adn yup, aded high speed compression (by adding the checkvalve). Im begining to think it's something else, like what I ate for breakfast, or which underwear I'm wearing! ######!

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I think I see the problem now. You are obviously riding too fast. You better slow down.

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Seriously, at that level, it IS quite possible that the chatter you encounter is simply inherent to some feature at Willow. If everyone else you talk to....who is riding at your level...says, "Um, nope. No chatter here", I'd consider that it's simply a fact of life. I mean....it doesn't seem to be keeping you off the bloody podium there mate now does it? Another test would be to ride other tracks and see if it happens there. Or get more specific as to what corners it is happening in and see if there isn't some way to ride around it. Good luck!


That being said...didn't Willie the superbike school mechanic win the championship there year before last? He'd be the source to consult on this issue. Why don't you send a PM or email from this site by accessing his username?


Of course, he was riding a ZX6 if memory serves...

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