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So I missed a turn at VIR.

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Title says it all. I was heading toward the bridge on the back half of the track. I grabbed a handful of throttle coming out of the turns before it and let off later than I had on previous laps. Now I realize I wasn't moving as fast as other guys do at this stage of the track but Keep in mind I'm on a 535 lb. (Wet) VFR800 with about 107 HP and I myself weigh in at 220. Not to mention it's only my second track day! (Pardon the vulgarity. I didn't think it was going to pick me up! 😄)

Telemetry data is a funny thing. It felt like I was still doing 90 when I got to that turn. In truth I was only doing 45 MPH. I don't know if the coaches ever get to see these posts, but I wanted to thank Chook for the positive reinforcement and advice he gave me. You were dead on right. I should have tipped in and taken that corner.

See ya'll next time around!

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I was right behind you and saw this happen in real time. You'd passed me about 3/4 a lap earlier and I was working on vision drills. The timing was perfect to help me work on that. Sorry you broke your rhythm, we were moving like an accordion for awhile. When you went off, it was a good confirmation for me that I had my eyes in the right place and I could even see you miss the T7 turn point out of my periphery. 

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Hahaha.... Yeah it worked out pretty good. The camera was vibrating a lot because of the length of the arm and I wasn't sure it would come out, but there it is!

Yeah man, I totally blew the turn but that's why I got the Go Pro. I wanted to review my riding and see where I could have done better. This is definitely the place I could have done better! 😄



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