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2023 Schedule is out!

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All dates are up on our website, https://superbikeschool.com/schedule/ 

Call, email, or go to the site to register.  Always recommend signing up, and cancel if you can't make it, rather than wait too late, not get the exact school and date you want.  If you give more than 2 weeks notice, no charge to re-schedule.

800-530-3350.  We like talking to our students!



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Just got word from CSS HQ (my wife Whitney, in the next office), our first full schools.

That's the 2-day camp at Barber in May, and also the 2-day at VIR.

So...if you have been holding off on signing up for a date...don't dawdle.  Even if you aren't sure you can make it, if you give more than 2 weeks notice, won't cost you anything to re-schedule.



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Hmmm...above post wasn't quite clear.  Those schools were filling quickly and are now sold out (the 2-day camps at VIR and Barber).  We have a second 2-day camp at Barber this year, that is not yet sold out, still room there.


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