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Moto 2, Malayasia (spoiler alert also)

Cobie Fair

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Cobie, I only watched it once but it looked as if Ogura continued to increase front brake pressure while increasing his lean angle into the corner. This is in contrast to initially braking hard (while more upright) and then truly trailing off the front brake as the bike is leaned over going into the corner.  Tire traction has to be shared by both deceleration (or acceleration) and cornering forces. If a tire's traction is already at its' limit and you add more deceleration and cornering force together you raise the risk of a low side.  Very similar concept to adding additional throttle and lean together.  

Important to note increasing front brake pressure as a rider goes deeper into the corner also shifts more weight to the front tire than the desired weight distribution between the two tires. Desired weight distribution should approximate the ratio when comparing the front & rear tire contact patches.  Cheers.  




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If I'd not said this, I'm jealous of your avatar name, that's perfect.

He had been amazing on the brakes, literally backing it in a number of times.  Though, I wonder if that really helped him at all.

I agree with you on this, looked to me like he added lean angle towards the end of braking.  I wonder how many riders, even at the top level, have done this and had it bit him in the booty.  I guess he got a little greed for those 5 points.  Look at what'll have to happen to win the title in Spain...I'd say might not be that likely now.  Kinda too bad, I think it'd be good for the sport to have a Japanese champ, when (if ever) has their been one for Moto2?  Anyone know?


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Thanks. That avatar name has been with me a long time … and still holds true. 

It is a shame Ogura pushed it a bit too much and went down. The upcoming Spain race will be a dog fight now as a result.  Definitely would be great to have a Japanese champ.  As to how many Japanese champs there have been in the past the answer is 3 since 1949: Tetsuya Harada in 1993 (Yamaha), Daijiro Kato in 2001 (Honda) and Hiroshi Aoyama in 2009 (Honda).  Of course this pales in comparison to the 54 won by various Europeans, led most notably by Italy with 25 champs.

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