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Taiwan Schools at Penbay

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The different regions have their own schedules, occurred to me that many might not know of all the schools.  There is one coming up this weekend in Taiwan.  That comes under our Austral-Asia branch, based in Oz.  There have been schools at the Penbay track for over 8 years.  Took a break during CV fun and games, but back now (Dec 9-10, 2023).

Track is on an old sea plane base in the southern part of the island.  Terrific traction, really.  One of my coaches sort of apologized for dragging his elbow--it was an older suit, no plastic :(.  


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Schools in Taiwan went very well.  Weather was perfect.  Track is in good condition, students very enthusiastic.  A top Aussie racer was there, Mike Jones, always nice to see him, and talk riding.  A few from the US branch ended up down there, they had some rental MV's that worked very well.

Oz branch is responsible for that region, they put on a nice event via the local organizers, HD Moto (Victor and Gina).

Always have enjoyed the trips there!



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