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What Track Do Suggest

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If travel/lodging expense is of no concern...



The best logical answer is:


The track that incorporates the greatest variety of corner types. A good training track, as Keith would say.



That being said...


It might be considered improper for the school to recommend a particular track. So...


Oddly enough, I'm going to suggest a track I have never ridden. Namely VIR. And I would choose VIR because it is a classical road course and a four star facility built on a beautiful site. Sort of like riding around a golf course. It seems to have a variety of corners in a very safe configuration. And, of course, I've never ridden there before.


Other than that, my first love is still Mid-Ohio and I can't wait to go back since they repaved it. I've waited nearly twenty years for Mid-Ohio to be resurfaced without the concrete patches. Like VIR, it is a very beautiful place. To me, Mid-Ohio represents the ultimate Sunday gran prix through the rolling countryside. It has medium speed corners and is a wonderful technical challenge, which is what I prefer. Blind, crested corners with camber and elevation changes arranged in a flowing combination that never stops. Every corner exit line is critical to set up correctly for the next corner entry. Really fun.


You might also consider what great famous track you might have the least opportunity to ride ... like Laguna Seca or Watkins Glen which both have their own unique and awesome characterisitcs, especially if you're a fan of big hills or fast roller coasters. Or combine with the best race weekend to spectate and whet your appetite prior to the school.


This is probabaly not being helpful. I suppose each track has a different character to learn and all tracks have something good to offer for training. Man, talk about the ultimate trip. Any track on a school bike. I'm jealous.

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I've been to only one track: VIR. My choice was based on advice from much more experienced riders. I found it to have everything racer mentions in his post. We used the North Course, which is 2.25 miles, with 17 turns, one main straight, and one very short straight leading into turn 7 (an uphill righthander). I thought it was a great track, but I have nothing to compare it to. The word is that Barber is also very good. So far as lodging goes, I can recommend the Best Western about 15 minutes away from VIR on Rt. 58 toward Danville.



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I appreciate the input very much. I realize that the school might not be able to suggest any certain track. That is why I left it open to everybody. In the army you can only leave so many times and since my wife agreed to spare no expense I want to not only go and learn as much as I can about riding and see one of the better tracks that are out there. I believe that when I get to go it will be one of the best vacations of my life. Riding motorcycles on anytrack in the country that is a dream.

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I have attended the Superbike School at the following tracks:

- Watkins Glen (no longer on their schedule)

- Pocono

- The Streets of Willow Springs

- VIR North

- Mid Ohio

- Laguna Seca

- Loudon (N.H.I.S.)

and they are all very different from each other so it really comes down to what you would like to get from your School experience.


The shorter, more technical tracks like The Streets, Pocono or Loudon require much more "work" because other than one real straight section at each of these tracks, you are constantly preparing for the next turn. At Mid-Ohio, VIR and Laguna, you will have some straight sections where you can catch your breath but that's not to say that they are easy because you will go a helluva lot faster at these longer tracks - you will be busy but in a different way.


Of the list above, Mid-Ohio and Laguna are simply awesome places to ride beacuse there is so much going on at both tracks.


... so there's another opinion to consider. Regardless, the instruction, attention and learning experience does not change from track to track. It's all good!



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