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Late Apex


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I find that the best way to enter almost all corners is by using a late apex, hold off a turn in ,

this works well on the road as it gives you more visability through the turn.

I focus on a point towards the exit as an apex, this allows later braking, but requires that the bike is

leaned quickly to a high lean angle, but the amount of time the bike is at a high lean angle is much reduced

compared to a mid apex. However I do not see late apex used in races all the time, is that because

it allows someone to come up on the inside. and cause a blocking type move?

So there seems to be two methords recommended one for the road, and one for the track?

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Hey tfc,


Going fast is one goal.


Passing or not getting passed is another goal.


Both are used on track.


See my braking posts.


As for late apex vs early apex...I would need a more specific example. I can't think of one right now.

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