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First school of the year--Vegas!

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First school was just about perfect.  Weather was good, track in good shape (and we ran it reverse direction, which worked out well).

The real plus of the desert tracks (one of the pluses, like Vegas or Willow Springs) is the weather.  We've had more nice days at these tracks, better chance of having a terrific day than just about anywhere.  No wind, perfect temp, 2 great days at the track.

These bikes are so much fun to ride!  Chatting with some of the guys about track miles ridden, and how many miles some of our coaches have (some have literally ridden hundreds of thousands of track miles) and still love it!  Part of that is the current bike and tire technology.  Stuff that you dreamed about 20 years ago is common today.  Good time to be riding bikes.

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Looks like we are going to get a rinse repeat for this upcoming school Mar 9-10.  Perfect weather, and the class has some room now.  There was no wind either, that's always nice.

Best Mexican restaurant that's nearby is Zapata's on Craig Rd, near I-15.  Outstanding carne asada, and pretty much all else.

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