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Heli Bars


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In connection with the quick turn discussion, I have noticed that several AMA riders have the

handle bars set higher, or lower than a traditional out of the box bike.

How does modifing the handlebar height and width effect turn in, and throttle control?


As with the body position there seems to be an ideal position for the handle bars, is this related to the

angle of the wrist to the arms on the controls?


I have seen some bikes with the throttle side set higher than the clutch side.


Thanks James.

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Hey James, I was thinking about this yesterday as I was putting some finishing touches to my bike before I go to the track.


I have been having trouble getting "behind the bubble" on the straights, I saw a photo of myself on the straight and I looked like I was touring! but could never get right down as it was killing me!


My bars on the TZ were set about an inch and a half below the top triple clamp (or yoke for the Brits like me!) this bike is far from comfortable, but its where it was when I bought it, so I didn't really question it, so I pulled them up as far as they would go to meet the clamp, sat on the bike in race crouch and this immediately felt better and much more comfortable (although the throttle housing does rub a little on the top fairing at full lock).


I also wondered how this may affect steering ability, whether good or bad, so I will have to see. Surely being more comfortable has to be an advantage?

Just because it is a race bike, doesn't mean you have to be a contorsionist (never had to spell that word before, so my appologies if it's incorrect) to ride it?


Will be interesting to see any replies.

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Hey guys,


Higher and wider bars will provide more leverage.


For a 250 GP bike my question is how much leverage do you really need?


That said... aerodynamic drag is important for racing. Get behind that bubble.


The first CSS classes I attended 20 years ago replaced the Ninja clip-ons entirely with Storz superbike bars. They looked and felt like dirtbike bars, but BOY did they make a big difference. However, the fairings were also removed and the key word was "school". Not "racing".


While comfort is good and discomfort a distraction, there is a certain amount of reconditioning or training of one's body involved in learning to be competitive in any physical sport.


That said, I always adjust the levers for a comfortable straight wrist and ease of operation. I think the positioning of handlebars tends to be mostly a personal choice. I moved the handlebars on my streetbikes below the triple tree/yolk when converting them to race setup (along with many other mods).


By contrast, I didn't need to do too much to my factory roadracers.


And yes it was DAMN uncomfortable the first time I squeezed onto a 125. Honestly, the first time I sat on a 250 felt like moving into first class on an airplane. So I have to giggle a bit about the "contortions" of squeezing onto a 250, but, I get it. It is a big change from a 600.


In any case, the cut in the bodywork will give a good idea of what will work or what is standard. See where other people put their handlebars. If you are tall and your elbows hit your knees then perhaps moving them up will help you stay behind the bubble. You can always change it back.



@ jps600rr


I have never seen a bike with the throttle side set higher and can't think of a reason why it might be a good thing to do. It sounds uncomfortable to me at best. So I can't speak to why the bikes you saw were set up that way. Were they race bikes? Were they pro's? My advice would be to ask the owners why they did it. And to consider the source of any info you get.



Gotta run.

Good luck.

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Thank's guys.


I have seen the clip ons at different heights on a street bike.


Comfort issue I guess.


Some people want to fit the bike, others want the bike to fit them.


It's a question of just trying things out, but body position is determine alot by the clip-on height.




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