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Rs125 Gp Bike Ok ?

Guest Barrett Meeker

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Guest Barrett Meeker

I started riding street bikes a year ago and started racing a 1995 Honda RS125 GP bike last december out at WSIR with WSMC. I have done one track day (at streets of willow) on my EX500 and 10 WSMC race weekends. My fast lap time is now a 1:34.0 on the RS125.


I'm looking to improve my racing, but I am on a very tight budget because I want to have money to do a full race sesson again in 07' which class should I take? what level? I was mostly considering the Streets of Willow for a single day.


Also I would like to ride my own RS125 is that ok? What are the passing rules usualy like in the classes? I only ask because durring track days a RS125 really gets held up if there are no passing in corners rules.


BTW I was also thinking of doing this with my father who races an aprilia RS250 (street bike)



How much can I expect to get out of one of the streets of willow single day classes to help my racing? or would I be better doing a no-sessions race centric track day?


how much gas do I need to bring? or will you have C12 at the track?


Thank you!



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Hi Barret,


You've got more questions than I could anwwer in a short e-mail. I'm in the office today, until about 3pm if you want to try me there--not much time I know, then I'll be back next week, but only for a day. If you call, you could leave a number, and I'll call you back.


Those 125's are a hoot, I love 'em!




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