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Interclub 600 Supersport Champion

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Yep, that's me.

It was a hard last round and every one seemed to be in crash or win mode. This made it very difficult to stay up right and protect my lead in the series.

Thoughts of Kev Curtain, Rossi, etc, in fact anyone who crumbled at the finish line were at the front of my mind during the first part of the day.


I finished 2nd in the first race which which gave me a place in the Team Shield. I wasn't initially going to do it but sitting in 1st for most of the race kinda changed my mind.

For some reason, in the 600 race, I (the championship leader) was gridded 2nd row (8th) wtf? but a good start got me up near the front. A few hard chargers got passed but I was confident that good finishes were all that were needed and just trailing home my two rivals was good enough.

The next race, the Team Sheild event nearly ended the day for me. On the 3rd lap an out of control CBR1000 nearly T-Boned me in the apply named crash corner. 2"'s closer and the season could have come to a disasterous end.

I decided to sit out the other team race and concentrate on the last two 600 races.

These two races were equaly as fast and close as the first race but I finished 6th in both which was easily enough to give me the outright championship by 7 points.


So this year in the two championships I contested, I finished 3rd in one and 1st in the other.

There were also two crashes - One at Crash Corner (Broadford)est. 160Km/h and the other at Sibera(Phillip Island) est. 115km/h.

I've written off one pair gloves, one set of leathers and two crash helmets.

Been through 12 sets of tyres, 2 sets Brake pads, 1 clutch, 3 chains, and 340 litres of 98 octane fuel.

Raced at the GP, nearly broken a lap record and got 122hp out of a home tune 600.

Quite a year.


So I should (and of course would like to) say thank you to a few people.

TW-Performance, SDRacing, Dexam, Performance Friction, Zaks Fairings, ValterMoto, Trevor Manley, Ken Onus (Megacycle), Jo, WIZ, Goodridge & Bridgestone.

Without these people giving up there valuble time and resources, none of this would have been possible.

Guys (& Girls) the championship also belongs to you.

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