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Just curious what the racing background is of the CSS Team...How many of you actively race, what classes you run in, and what your approach is to racing (hit a weekend race when you can, run a full season, etc).


Myself, i raced with WERA for 4 years on an fzr 400, made expert my second year, but never had the time or $, (or dedication, i guess) to hit every weekend, chase points, and shoot for the champoinship. I took a couple of years off from racing, but after the level 1-3 classes this past summer, and coming on board as an instructor-in-training, i'm thinking i may get sucked back into a few races this year.


As i told Cobie - if i knew then what i learned this past summer, i KNOW i would have been a lot faster and smoother.

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Started racing 5 years ago with the MRA (Colorado). First year as a Novice got 6th on an F3. This was my favorite bike, did not matter what I did it would bite back.


Got an R1 and won the Amateur Championship. Moved to expert and built the R1 into a FX Bike and started racing the Open Class (5th overall) as well as FX in the AMA (finished top 15 in the FX races)


I will be racing in the MRA in all races, 5 AMA Superbike races and 1 Canadian Superbike race. Should be fun.


I am still not as fast as Will unless he is riding my scooter and I am riding my 1000. :)



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After the School turned me from a wobbly street rider to average track day rider I started racing CCS in December 2002 on a 996 to see what it was like. Many $$$ later I have just finished the whole 2003 CCS season (Pacific and Southwest regions) and took two class titles in SuperTwins and a 2nd overall in GTO. Started racing AFM in May 2003 and took top novice in Open Twins in July.


Just completed my first ever WSMC race weekend (and my first ever race weekend as an expert) on a Ducati 998R with a 2nd place in BOTT Heavyweight and a 5th place in Formula Twins.


For the 2004 season I am going to run the whole AFM season (Open Twins, Open GP and 750 Superbike), the whole CCS Pacific season (SuperTwins, GTO, Heavyweight Superbike and Unlimited GP) and now that I have 'discovered' the Big Track WSMC (Formula Twins, BOTT Heavyweight and possibly 750 SuperBike). My name is Simon and I have an addiction problem :D


Unlike Travis I could not beat Will even if he was on a scooter. <_<

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I race with WSMC and have done OK I guess. I won one class championship in 2002 (BOT Heavy) and finished second in two others (Formula Twins and SOLO GTO). Last year I got a new bike and started racing the 600 classes. I got third in the Solo GTU class championship even though I only raced three races out of six.

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