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Questions Regarding Ny School

Guest Justin

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My brother and I are very intersted to enroll for cornering school when it comes to NY. I have only been riding for a year now and I have a 2007 GSX-R600, yet my brother has been riding for many years and has a custom 2006 Yamaha R1. We are two very different riders, and I wanted to know if the program is flexible towards the riders or not. For instance, I would love to be able to corner much better, and learn advanced braking techinques; yet my brother would be more interested in racing techniques and high-speed racing simulation. I would love to know more about the school, so answers to my post can be answered here on the site, or emailed to me at jpyanks13@hotmail.com



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Hi Justin,


The different skill levels are handled by each rider getting his own coach assigned to him---same coach will be riding with him for the whole day.


Not to worry, for sure what we cover will be of interest to both of you, even if at different skill levels and speeds. We've trained a lot of very fast racing champions, and you will get the same stuff they will :)


Let me know if you need anything else, or e-mail me directly: cobie@superbikeschool.com




Chief Riding Coach

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