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Which Location Is Best For The All-levels School?

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Sense I crushed my wrist and won't get out of my cast in time to go to Barber in June and I have a class already schedule for the august date - I'm looking to attend somewhere else. I checked plane tickets and air fares dont seem to be an issue. So which facility is 'best'? I can go anywhere and will be renting everything (bike, skins, etc).


I sorta need to wait at least until July to get the physical therapist time to get my hand (the right one no less) back to 100%.


Willow Springs would be cool except it is in June or I have to wait forever

Loudon seems alright

Not wild about blackhawk farms. might be their web-site though


Any suggestions would be really apperciated. Once my new contract is signed I'll be reserving my seat.



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Mid-Ohio has always been my favorite for many reasons.


Even before they re-surfaced it.



Y'know...come to think of it, I have yet to ride on that new surface.


Hmmm...another reason to live....

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