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How To Warm Up Slicks Quickly?

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Hey guys,


After several years of doing Level 4 over and over again, I finally started racing. However, I must admit it's technically a scooter (Aprilia RS50) on a mini-GP track, but at least it has two wheels and a motor...


Since I'm on a low-budget program, I'm not using tire warmers, and it takes a lap or two for the tires (Bridgestone 125cc slicks, ultrasoft compound) to get warm. Mind you, each lap is around 45 seconds, and the races are at most 10 laps for the main event. We're going around a shifter-kart track, and the speeds are below 60mph. No high-speed sweepers to work the carcass, no big long braking sections, no horsepower to spin up the rear, etc. Currently, I'm not getting tire temps anywhere near the upper limits for the compound even when track temps are around 135degF., and in the morning the tread appears to be cold tearing a little bit.


My question is this: would putting grooves into the tread help the tire to warm up quicker? I'm thinking a few cuts with the electric knife would allow the tread to move more and heat up faster, kind of like putting a street-style groove pattern into the tread. Given the short nature of the races, would this even be noticeable?

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Cool on the racing. 50 or not, it still a motorcycle! I dont think cutting grooves will put much heat into the tires. I would contact the rep for the manufacture and explain your situation to them.l I'm sure he or she could point you in the right direction. Be sure to contact the racing represenative. The consumer rep may not be so knowledgable about the concerns of racers.

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While running lower pressures or cutting a tread may heat them up more, I don't think it will heat them up much faster to make a significant difference for you.


Honestly, there is no substitute:





This was merely the first place I looked. With bit of effort, you can surely find an inexpensive used set for your bike. I would suggest trying the GP websites like fatbaq.com or the GP chat site which I can't remember right now. Try approaching the USGPRU for 125 riders. Surely some 125 rider has an affordable set of used warmers for you.


Where there's a will there's a way.



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Thanks for the replies. I agree - where there's a will there's a way. I'm trying to eek out the most performance from the least investment, and I know I could buy warmers to get the tires nice and toasty, but that's too easy. Plus, it goes against the low-to-no-budget theme of my racing season thus far!


For now I guess I'll just continue to park the bike in the sun...

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