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New To Forum From California

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Hi, within the past year I have started riding again.

Back in the day (we're talking 1982) I did some AFM racing on a beat up RD400.

I stopped riding, and started a family in 1984 and have 3 boys (yeah!).

Anyway, last year my middle son who is now 18 wanted a motorcycle,

and we ended up buying a 2006 CBR600RR. My wife insisted that I ride with

him, and teach him some pointers, so I ended up buying a 2006 Suzuki SV1000S.

Soon, my 14 year old became interested in motorcycles and we bought a 1999

Kawasaki KX250 motocrosser for him. Finally my oldest jumped in and bought a

Triumph 675. So basically, in the span of 5 months we went from 0 to 4 bikes.

We're still working on my wife to get a bike, but it doesn't look promising.


My oldest, who is in college, has a part time job at a Southern California

Ducati, Triumph, Victory dealership. One of his co-workers is a track day

instructor, and every once in a while he'll take my oldest to a track day

for free if there is a cancellation. So far he has done 3 track days, 2 at

the big track at Willow Springs and one at Streets of Willow. As you can imagine

myself and my middle son are wanting to do some track days also. All three of us

have devoured Twist of the Write II, and other riding technique books. All of us

enjoy riding and we are always trying to improve our riding skills, which is why

I have joined this forum.

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Glad you joined good to have you up here!


Did you have any questions, or areas of riding that you would like to ask about?


For sure the Twist books are great, Twist 2 is the lastest and much of the training that we do at the school comes from this book.


We'll be at the track doing schools for the next 2 days, but I will get e-mail on the blackberry, and back in the office on Friday.


How great that you and the 3 boys all do it!!




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