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Newbie From Belgium

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Hi all,


I recently discovered the CSS by reading Keith’s book (Twist II). In fact, I read it 3 times, because I wanted to fully absorb every point he makes in these works. Foot for thought…

It’s great to learn that one needs to understand the dynamics of the bike and riding it, but also be fully aware about the pos/neg impact of the rider in the man/machine combination.

After reading the book it occurred to me that I've gotten use to doing specific things the wrong way.


My current bike is an absolutely wonderful Ducati 1098 and I’ve done several track days (I'm very close to Zolder) with it so far. There is so much I can learn to ride it faster and smoother than I probably do right now.


I’ve done some riding courses in the past and I’ve been riding sports motorcycles for a reasonably long time, but I’m now thinking of subscribing for a CSS course.

For me, this would probably be CSS UK, since I’m in Belgium.


Anyway, so far my introduction.




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Welcome Erwin,


The book is excellent (and will help prepare you for the course). The UK branch of the superbike school are very keen, they'll work you over nicely :)


Let us know if we can help with anything!




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