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Questions About Vegas 2 Day Camp Feb 2-3

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Hi all, looking forward to my first CSS School since I started riding 18 years ago. I do have some questions though.


1) I know I need to be at the track for 7 am, but what time will we likely be done? I made the mistake of asking my GF to accompany me to Sin City and of course she wants to take in a show. I will only be in town Friday night till Sunday for the school so Sat night I'll probably be sleeping somewhere in the audience, trying to assimilate the first day!


2) Does the school travel with Keith's books to purchase? Other merchandise? Ironically having read the books multiple times, and now rereading them, I do not have my own copies. The library recently replaced their torn and battered copy at least! Of course it's impossible to get as summer gets closer


3)I'm considering bringing along at least my Sidi's and my gloves just so I'm familiar with my hands and feet. A worthwhile thing?


4)How many have done the school and then gone back home to have to wait out snow and winter before putting their new found skill to use. An easy thing to do or will I be begging for localized global warming??!


Thanks in advance!

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1) You will probably finish about 5:30. The last on-track session will probably end a little before 5pm, then you'll have a final classroom session. You could probably make a 7:30pm show and still get a good nights rest, which you will definitely want.

2) Yes on the books, videos, clothing, stomp grip pads, tires and other assorted things I can't even remember.

3) Yes. When I first took the school, I used their leather, but brought my own helmet, boots and gloves. Especially since I felt better about sweating in my own gloves.

4) as Homer Simpson would say, "D'oh!!" Or you could arrange for another weekend trip and visit LA and go riding with some of us down here...

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Thanks Brian, I think may do the same with the gear. I wish i could get the time off work for some riding down in California! You have some of the best and most motorcyle roads on the continent.

I'm counting down the days till Feb 1st.

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I think sleepr's questions got answered, but on the first day (Sat) if you are in the white group, and had to leave after your last session on track, wouldn't be a problem, just let us know. 2nd day, we normally end off a little earlier, as we get on track earlier on the 2nd day.


If you are at all concerned, e-mail/call the office, ask to be put in the first group that will ride on track (white group), you'll have a little more room.




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Well, having got home from Vegas and having a chance to let the experience soak in a little I am still vibrating. That was without a doubt the best money I have ever spent in 18 years of motorcycling. I felt a huge improvement in my riding and learned some things that will change my riding forever. As expected I will now be counting down the days till the snow melts!


My thanks go out to the entire CSS staff for such a well run experience and a ton of track time. In particular to my on track coaches Jaime and Mike I. I'm having a hard time deciding what drills were most valuable to me personally but they all helped open my eyes to things I hadn't considered about my riding.


Taking the school has most definitely proved to me why I experienced one low side crash racing(TC as I suspected) and has given me new insight into another I was questioning. I'm looking forward to both my street riding and my racing with complete and newfound glee. Now the only question becomes how soon can I make level 3 and 4 happen!


Thanks again to all


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