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Sears Point

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So in preparation for the upcoming Sears Point CSS class, I was looking at the track map and was curious which configuration is used for the level 1 school. I'm assuming the AMA configuration (which is a bit spooky for us first timers), but you know what they say about assuming :blink:



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The "extra turn " also means extra cornering and cornering is at the core of the curriculum of the School. I recommend that you embrace it as an additional practice opportunity.


As an afterthought, when I attended CSS/Pocono last May, the left hander at the end of the long back straight was unchanged...when the school returned in August they added a right turn just before making it a flick-flick corner combo. Along with adding a turn, it also added a "calming" effect because riders had to get much more precise on entry speed at this turn so they were less inclined to run WFO all the way down the straight.


Having ridden at Pocono a few times with a track club, this turn gets very frenetic with some nasty consequences so this change was a GOOD thing from my perspective. BTW, I was able to lower my May lap time by 3 seconds even with the extra turn so it did not hold me back at all. These guys know what they are doing.


Kevin Kane

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