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Hello From Dallas Texas

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Good evening all,


Yes I am new to the forum. Yes I am new to riding if you call 8k miles in 3 months new (I do). I have all the usual questions about getting started (when to buy a track bike, should I do motocross and training there first to know what it is like to get air and how to survive a 100 mph moment of air on the track, when to take school vs jump in and do a track day with an on-site training program, etc.,) but I will search first and ask later so I waste less time of those whose time in the racing world is much more valuable than mine.


Having read everything I can find and reading about Mr. Code's techniques and looking at the years of devotion to this sport by Keith and his team (yes I have read about the decades of experience) I am hooked and want to join what I would call "student for life" which has a lot of meanings. The books I have read from Mr. Code (among others) have saved me on the street (learning to commit to a curve and that a bike really can lean like the books say if forced to due to lack of preparation for swerving vehicle on a near 90 degree curve). In addition to improving my safety on the street I want to jump in (like I do with everything I do to a fault) and get on the race track where there are no trucks, cars, roadkill, potholes, and worst.. gravel (I've slid one foot two far sideways and stayed on two wheels and realized that the track is where I need to be). Since realizing the thrill of a lean vs just speed I know the track is for me.


Looking for instruction closer to Texas but yes I will go wherever I need to in order to obtain the instruction I need but for this moment I just wanted to say Hi and how much I look forward to progressing in this sport... Vegas?


What I won't be doing - trying to ride the dragon with people that haven't had this training (much less myself), trying to make the street into a track, etc., and battling cell phones and minivans ...






p.s. Yes I know my Triumph Sprint ST -- no matter how much I modify it is not going to work on the track - nope I am not going to fit it with GXR forks, Ohlin shocks, etc., and going 158 mph on a country road left me with one decision -- stop it and find a track and some training ... fast. I love Triumph and the Daytona 675 prepped for the track is where I am "leaning" even though I am amazed by the technology "stock" in an MV Augusta, Ducati 1098 "R", etc., I have something to look forward to though.

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Hi Mark, and welcome!


We are on the way to Laguna Seca after 4 days at Willow Springs, so just a short note to say hello.


You'll get only a biased opinion from me :), and that is do a school before a track day if possible. Also, good idea to do a little research on the track day provider, not all are equal.


Keith's books are great references, whether coming to our school or another. The track and the bike are not the critical part of the training, so if you are going to come see us, come wherever/whenever you can.



Cobie Fair

Chief Riding Coach

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