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  1. I know others have said it, but I'm goin with the two-step as well. What made it really hit home with my was Keith showing pictures to the class. First pic was of (rider POV) staring at turn in point. Second pic was from the same position but looking into the apex, turns looked night and day difference. This drill helped a lot with my confidence and corner speed.
  2. You trainging for supermoto? j/k Talk about some luck, you probably owe a beer to who ever decided to put that gap in the tire wall.
  3. That was Johnny Haynes (Cobies equivalent), though he's on an R1 on Slicks. Ibbott and myself are on 600's, the camera bike behind is Thannaiss, (greek school director). Yeah, Johnny goes allright, he's a really great rider. To be fair, I'm only following Ibbott around. My tyres are very shagged, if you closely I nearly lobbed it coming through the hairpin. Johnny can do 1:52's on a boggo R1 on slicks, I could do a 1:55 on a 600 on good tyres. Yeah, we had great fun doing that, I have to tell ya. Bullet No wonder he was gone like the wind. It looks like you were holding b
  4. Now that I'm done mucking up Stumpy's thread I figured I'd start a new one to continue this discussion. Who is it that comes into picture at 1:55? Cause homeboy was moving! Real nice form, picks the bike up coming outta of the right hander gets a real good drive and divers under you in the left and almost got who I'm assuming is Andy all in one turn. That was pretty crazy!! Looks like you guys are having some fun!
  5. My apologies again Stumpy, my mind just started going, and questions started poping up.........I'll stop now. To answer your question, I would say no. You would continue onto lvl2. I probably wouldn't hurt to review some of the things you learned in lvl 1 just so it's fresh in your mind. And thanks Greg for the answer that was something I was unawre of as well. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. That long winded response kinda helped with the mental picture of what's happening. I wasn't really sure either way. But now thinking about what you've said it makes sense that he's just keeping himself up an on the bike while the bike is just doin it's thing.
  7. Hey Cobie are the 3 different things, looking for exit point, vanishing point, or turn in point for and upcoming turn?
  8. Oh that video.....! I know a funny story about that film... Bullet If it involves Andy Ibbot I think I know the funny story your talking about, I'l leave it for you to tell though! Bobby Well, if you look really, really closely, and you know how Ibbott rides a bike, you'll actually see that in a couple of the shots, Valentino Rossi makes a style change, and the two look remarkably the same! Could it be Rossi learned much greatness from the Ibbott? Or could it be they ran out of time filming on the day, had to do a second morning, and Rossi had to leave? Bullet
  9. He goes through the detergent losses it, knee comes off the ground than knee goes back down. It looks like he's holdin everthing up. I've been watching this thing over and over again, and just noticed that you can see the front wheel wobbling back and forth and then chattering right before he get's it back up. While the tire is searching for traction, he's keeping the bike from crashing. That's why I think he's holdin the bike up, but it's though to tell. Hmmmmm. That would be pretty cool to get a first hand answer. Especially with some detail, like a play by play.
  10. Oh that video.....! I know a funny story about that film... Bullet Well don't keep us in suspense. Please do tell.
  11. So what do you think is happening here? Is he picking the bike up with knee and elbow, or did the bike slow down enough to regain traction? To me it looks like he picked the bike up.
  12. I just want to add the video that everyone is refering to when talking about lines. http://www.ebike-ridingtips.co.uk/video.php <-- Video. Rossi talks about using 3 lines not 2. Qual, Race, and Def line. Please keep this topic going as it's very interesting to me as, I'm sure others too.
  13. Vanishing point has to do with exits. When you've moved your eyes from corner exit to down track your looking for a vanishing point. Where the horizon meets the road. I wouldn't say it's a fixed spot to look at like your turn in, apex, and exit but just trying to look further down the tarck without loosing a sense of were you are. I'm just a student like you, and I'm sure one of the coaches will chime in, but this is how I understand it. Hope this helps
  14. I honestly thought Keith was joking when he was talking about bringing superbikes to the superbike school. Looks like I'll be renting one of these bad boys for lvl4. ? for the coaches why the switch to BMW? Is Kawi no longer a sponsor of CSS?
  15. Man that was a pretty intense race. Great vids. I like the GPS and the rearview all in the same shot. It looked like you had Marvos in the infeild and he would only catch you on the banking, The first pass you made on him coming around the outside, that was sweet. It loked like you could carry much more speed than him in that corner. The draft pass at the end was money too. Great race looking foward to more racing vids.
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