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  1. http://www.nj.com/cu...proves_new.html The School ran there in May without any issues that were visible to those of us who were there. Rain Thanks. i was there in May as well, and I'm scheduled for August.
  2. Greetings, Any issues with NJMP? I have been hearing that they are having financial difficulties. If true, will this affect the CSS summer schools there?
  3. Hi there, You look really good already. However, everyone begins the CSS curriculum at level 1. I don't know if there are exceptions but that is generally the case. trust me, you will learn a lot to improve your riding in level I. cheers.
  4. Marco Melandri was awesome in race 2. If it wasn't for the power of the Aprillia, he would've had 2nd over Biaggi.
  5. Yeah. I am giving it a shot as well but with the MCN Fantasy Road Race league. http://mcn.fantasyleague.com/
  6. For me, it is very important to be in the best shape possible even for street riding. It's just more enjoyable in good shape. Perhaps this doesn't matter as much to those who can be out of shape and still be thin. For me, if I am out of shape, I am fat and that takes away from the enjoyment of riding a sportbike. I try to run and ride a bicycle as much as possible, complimenting that with weight sessions and plenty of stretching.
  7. Sweet I need to plan my vacation schedule around it, LOL Exactly. Me too. shhhh.
  8. Sorry. Can anyone tell me when the 2011 US school dates will be released?
  9. Held Thrux. I love them. I use Lexol cleaner and conditioner when I get caught in the rain or when they start to get stiff from a bit of sweat. Works great.
  10. Those you tube clips are awesome! Thanks. We see the tapes Rossi grew up watching. I always heard that he was/is a huge Schwantz fan. Seriously though, Lorenzo really did himself a disservice whining about Rossi's hard racing, especially when you look back and compare the "golden age" of Grand Prix motorcycle racing with the processions of today. The legends used to really race to the finish. the new generation wants to see who can get out first and ride, unimpeded, to the finish.
  11. Greetings, Wondering what others' opinions on the Rossi vs. Lorenzo last few laps at Motegi. I saw the race and thought it was fantastic racing by two incredible champions. I was actually shocked at Lorenzo's comments after the race. I didn't think it was particularly dangerous, any more dangerous than Grand Prix motorcycle racing at the highest level. I thought the two were giving it their all in a battle for the last spot on the podium. I understand that they are team mates but if Lorenzo was so concerned with a possible crash, he certainly could've backed off. When Lorenzo went fo
  12. AQAJR. I did not know how much learning I needed to get to be a good rider until I took level 1. I can not imagine the knowledge you have acquired at your level now. Planning to improve and take the other Levels as well. Like the saying "one step at a time". Congratulations for your accompliments as a rider. It is fun when you are riding with people that knows the subject and can have you riding the right way. Good luck to you and 55 stay alive. Exactly. Bah!!! All this happy good time talk is making me want to call a vendor and yell 'WHERE THE HELL'S MY FORK SPRINGS!!!!!
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