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  1. Tweek, First and foremost I can't say that I've been donw on my bakie even once so this may or may not help, but I have had my share of dirtbike accidents. I've landed on top of a sand car for a fifty foot gap, probably doing a little north of 60 mphs. ended up with major cuncusion, broken leg and sevealy bruised ego. After healing up I had the jitters about getting back on the horse and running her like she should be, nut what helped me get over it was the tought of the time and money invested in getting to the skil level that i was at. I had ridden constantly for years, and there i was puttin around like I had never been on a bike before. So i manned up and took it one step at a time slowly getting back into the groove of things, and bam the confidents level went through the roof after only a few days and one or two little ding-ups. You just have to let the fear go and get your head back in there man. Life throws you for a loop sometimes and you just have to stick with it, and realize that it's all part of the game. Probably not the answer that you were looking for but it's the truth bro. Hang in there, and you'll be terrorizing the neighbor hood in no time.
  2. I see pegs that know the way of the samuri then???? shaper is better got it... back and up is better check.
  3. Please send check payable to justjeremy's superbike training fund, all donationas are tax deductable, and come with an autographed picture..... j/k thats good news interms of me being able to use the techniques on most any bike, that will make it worth is wait in race fuel lol. I've trying to get enough money together to do the 2 day camp and be able to take my 3 brothers and my father along for the training so can you say big bill to fill???? If anything I have to take my father because he thinks that i want to do the school just so i can race, he doesn't understand that the training makes you an all around better rider. Think he could hang on a cruzer???? j/k but that would be funny to see out in laguna seca
  4. This is going to sound really lame but i'm new to the sport/superbike thingy so what the hell are rearsets?????????
  5. LMAO= laughing my ass off lol= laughing out loud j/k= just kidding IMO= in my oppinion IIRC= If I recall correctly WWJD= what would jesus do WWKCD= WHAT WOULD KIETH CODE DO(lol) g2g= got to go idk= I don't know bB= brake bike sB= slide bike NBS= no bs bike WDH= went down hard IGNH= I'm going nuts here thats all i got guys i'm stuck at work and no one else is on at 3am in cali so hope i at least entertained you. P.S.=post script.... if you have daughters with cell phones ask then how they would put it in a text message!
  6. ok I know i jumped into this late in the game but i wanted to add a couple of things. At one of my jobs i deliver pizza (domino's, they won't let us deliver on bikes, bummer) and i found that if the radio is on it takes 30% longer to find an address aswell as i find myself driving about 10mhp's slower just to search. as far as hearing loss from riding i'm deaf in my right ear anyways, never wore hearing protection in the marines, and i opperated a .50 cal on a daily basis(bad idea i know). Head phones, a friend of mine came to me with a question of how to keep his earbuds in place and so on and so forth. what we came up with wasn't the best idea in the world but it was functional. he got a 200 dollar set of dj headphones and i cut them up leaving on the the sound canceling covers and molded them into the inside of the helmet. there was enough space for him to be able to hear traffic noises that were important (sirens) and canceled enough of the road /wind noise to allow higher levels of focus. plus the audio was perfect. I personally don't have the kind of money to through down on a set of dj headphones but i have what is called a G-bag that i hook my mp3 player to, all it is, is a back pack with a flat 10in subwoofer and two 3 1/2 in speakers built into it, and it has it's own battery powered app aswell it's about as loud if not louder than a bike stereo but the sound is coming from behind you instead of in front. but I think i'm going to try the earplugs next time i ride, i'm young and stupid so i don't sweat being a test dummy. but that makes me the dummy....doesn't it?
  7. That sounds like a good plan to me!
  8. Right on brother! I hate to say it but the 09 cbr is starting to look cool man, i might have to get one. My old lady just told me she'd be ok with it as long as i get the white one with the pheonix graphics which is totaly bitchen man! but thanks for the welcome, and remember to keep at least half of the ribber side down. I think that this is the link so that you can se the bike i'm talking about, bad thing about it compared to the Kawi is that it doesn't have the stablizer majiger on the bars.http://powersports.honda.com/2009/cbr600rr/colors.aspx
  9. welcome, I'm new too, what do you ride?
  10. by the end of the day they might not be able to????? lol
  11. For track only riding, it has less seams, less areas that can come apart. I'm more comfortable in one too. One thing that surpirses me is what guys do and don't wear under them. Bare flesh or t-shirts really aren't very good--one sticks to the suit. Inner liners like Kushitani or RS Taiichi (not sure on spelling), or Under Armour, lots of guys like those too. I wear both a full mesh liner on hot days, or top and bottom on cold days. Just this makes riding so much more comfortable! I wear jogging pants and an Under Armour long sleeve top which works great for not sticking to the leathers. Man it sucks to try and get out of them without it now. lol I wear UA underneath, but still have a problem with binding on the knee pads. My pads are foam rubber on the inside and stick to the inner liner. I've been thinking of putting something on the inside of the pads to make 'em slippery. Anyone else have this problem and come up with a good fix? you could cut out some thin felt matieral and stitch it to the liner that would let it slide easy but may make it more of a hot spot too, just thought i'd put that out there, i can't afford leathers, but i have had to make adjustments to my friends stuff for them on several occasions. and yes you can now laugh at me because i can sew, but it was part of my training in the marines, they want you to be able to repair you clothes if you need to, but try it, it theoretically should work.
  12. Thanks to both of you thats good info, and the idea of not having to buy new tires is one that i like. and Jaybird you are also 100% correct in what you said. And did i dettect a fellow devil dog?
  13. Hey there all, I'm new to the forum, and want to introduce myself to everyone. I got my first street bike at the begining of January, it's a 92 zx600r c-5. I love this particular bike because the first sports bike i saw was the zx900 Tom cruz rode in Top Gun, so I decided to find one like it, fell a few hundred CC's short but hey I got close enough for me. I've been researching the CSS for a while and finally decided to get on the forum and try to get what i can out of it before i take the courses. But I guess I'll start at the begining, I started out riding quads at 3, and at 16 convinced my folks that a dirt bike was just what i needed, go figure that it would work. However I have not gotten a birthday or Christmas present since then(still paying back my dues i guess) and that very same dirt bike is where the fun began for me. My younger brother and i would ride on asphault with the bike and his bandshee taking our local PD for a fun ride every Homecoming game(we never failed to make some sort of appearence/ruckus) and after going down a bit to much for my taste i parked the bike and shipped out for the Marines. I am now back state side and Honorably discharged. I have two little speed deamons of my own and a wife that doesn't understand why people like load exhaust pipes? Well this is running long for a short intro so hope to see you guys around. P.S. I traded the dirt bike for the ninja, it was an 02 YZ250 awesome powerband!
  14. I have not taken any of the courses yet (kinda broke) but I am looking forward to getting the money put together, in hopes of improving my all around knowledge of riding, and respect for my bike. My questions is, I have a 92 ninja, and it doesn't have alot of the newer techology that is built into todays bikes. Can i expect the skills that i would aquire to be effective on said old bike, or would there have to be a large amount of adjustment to the technique to make it work the same. And if so, would it be better to take the course using my own ride? I know this may seem like a silly question, but I want to be sure that when i take the course i get the most out of it and can apply it to my specific machine, because there is no way I'm ever getting rid of this bike it's my first and until i can't get parts for it anymore it will be my only. Thanks for the help!
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