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  1. I also use the sun but i can never keep up with the other guys since they use warmers and they fly as soon as they get in the track. I am thinking of getting warmers since at the track here they provide us with power at no extra cost, but then how do i carry my paddock stands there, since i ride my bike to the track ( 7 km ). So if i buy warmers i must also buy a trailer and install a towbar in my wifes car. Is there any way to carry my paddock stands with the bike ?
  2. Don't spend $9.50 of you $10 of attention on whether your tires are working good or not. Get new tires and spend your attention what really counts! Learning at the Superbike School! My advice is get new tires. Check with the School, they have deal for students only on Q2s I had the same situation and i did replace my tires before even the 2mm depth mark on the sides, while in the center it was a bit squared tire and i was all he time worried in every single turn about tire reliability, so as DUNLOP-RTS suggest don't spend space of attention on whether your tires are working good or not. When i did change tires and i went to the track in order to get used to the new profile of the tire, i even chopped 2 seconds from my lap times. I am also attending in 2 weeks time a CSS level 1, so i am happy i got new rubber. Have a nice day
  3. A day before yesterday i used for the first time my SportSmart ( i placed new tires 3 days before ) at the track with 30F and 29R as Mr Bullet recommended and i was amazed by the safety they inspire me in the corners. What amazed me was even though i went from 190/50 to 190/55 i now do not have any chicken stripes at the rear, where before you could see there was. I hope i have helped someone, as i was. Paris
  4. Hi. I want to share the information i have found about the Dunlops SportSmart where it is the tire used in Australia and in Europe where it is the equivalent or perhaps better ( since it is a newer tire ) to the Dunlop Q2 sold in USA. I did contacted Dunlop Europe, Dunlop Australia and Mr Bullet ( CSS UK coaching staff ) who did a very well write up about Dunlops SportSmart here http://forums.superb...indpost&p=20894 and this is the info i got back from them. Dunlop Europe, Peter Wayte from the Product Support & Service informed me that the Sportsmart has been tested and approved for the GSXR 1000. As per their book suggested tyre pressures for track use: Front 2.1 bar / Rear 1.9 bar, which is 30psi Front and 28psi Rear. Dunlop Australia, Ken Wieden a National Motorcycle & Motorsport Manager of Dunlop Tires informed me that for track day use in Australia they recommend the following pressures for GSX-R1000 ......theye have found these pressures work best there Front 32 - 34 psi hot off warmers Rear 25 - 26 psi hot off warmers If not using warmers increase by 1 psi If in very fast track day group we could drop rear by 1 psi The above pressures are close enough & are a good starting point ...........we can fine tune to your individual requirements from there For street use :- Front 35 - 36 psi Rear 42 - 44 psi Mr Bullet recommends 30F, 29R. (cold) and maybe as low as 28 R, no more since it is not an ntec tyre, like a d211 or D212gp or a ntec slick. If we run it that low, circa 18-23 cold, it'll feel all squirmy and horrible. It's a marketing related thing, it is not a ntec race tyre, it's a road tyre. Only the track/race tyres are run that low. We wi'll destroy the tyre quickly too. The thing with tyre pressures is that we're always looking for the optimum balance of grip and tyre wear. If the tyre's not wearing or tearing up, and you're not suffering grip/traction problems. So the above is the information about the pressures i gathered for that specific tire where it is an Ntec tire but not a race Ntec tire. I hope i have helped Lets all have a nice day.
  5. Paris, I think the 190/55 is better choice. you did good there. As fro pressures, the 4-5 psi rise when hot off the track is normal. you will get that on most any racetrack use of a tire. the hotter they get, the more the rise. As for starting pressure, you need to contact the distributor in Australia directly. I am not familiar with this product in the USA because it is not distributed here. Here is the link: My link They sell and service these tires, so contact them directly. Have fun at the track! Hi. as stated here http://forums.superb...indpost&p=20894 it is a tire for Europe, i live in Cyprus and we have here the sportsmart and not the Q2. Anyway i will contact the Australia department. As in the link here http://www.dunloprac...m/Pressures.pdf can i use the N-Tec Slicks UK or USA tire pressures for a non slick but Ntec tire? Thanks
  6. Hi. nice writeup. My question is what tire pressures shall i use with sportsmart at the track? Thanks
  7. Hi. Maybe i was not clear in my question. I am asking for track tire pressure. Thanks
  8. Hi all. I am moving on from Dunlop Qualifier tire to Dunlop Sportsmart. I will also change the profile for the rear from 190/50 to 190/55 since Dunlop recommends it. My question is since the Sportsmart is an Ntec tyre, what would be the cold tire pressures to start with. Shall i use those of the 211 tire? I used to use 30F 29R with the Qualifier and after the session was over i was 4 to 5 psi over that but that was not an Ntec tire. When i tried to go a bit lower in pressures i get flex signs on the sidewall of the rear tire. A point to note is that here in summer we have in the morning 29Celcius and midday 37Celcius and in winter in the morning 17Celcius to 22Celcius midday, if that is needed in consideration. I am an intermediate rider at the track, so your information is highly appreciated. Thanks
  9. This question goes to the DUNLOP-RTS. The way to go as you have pointed me in some other thread about the Qualifier II was " The 190/55 will perform much better than the 190/50 if its a Dunlop. Its the way to go." So, is it still true for the Sportsmart too ? Shall i use the 190/55 instead of the 190/50?
  10. I will go with the q2 for now unless i get a good deal with the sportsmarts. Thanks.
  11. The 190/55 will perform much better than the 190/50 if its a Dunlop. Its the way to go. Point taken. Thanks
  12. Hi, i was told that this tire wont last long since i am using my gixxer to commute. How miles do you get with those? Cheers
  13. Just to add up to Eirik, I remember when i was teaching my daughter karting in one session she was way faster that other times and when i asked her, how come you are so fast and i cant overtake you, she replied....."the karting brakes are not working properly.....".
  14. Hi. i have a 1000 Gixxer and reading the tire forum here i got a little confused on the sizes so your lights on the below questions are highly appreciated. I have been riding a long long time but in my country, Cyprus, only recently we have a race track, so we are starting to use it for track days. I have been using so far my street tires, my Dunlops Qualifier (NOT the Qualifier II or Q2) and it is time to change them as life on them has gone. I have 2 options here to go for, Dunlops Q2 (Qualifier II) or Bridgstones BT 016 Pro. I am somehow in favor of the Qualifier II ( Europe ) but the BT 016 Pro is a new tire. The weather here is 22 Celsius almost yearly to 40 Celsius in August and the use of the tire will be 60% track and 40% road. So my question is which of the 2 tires shall i choose, if anyone has experience in both of them and which size as the bike manufacturer recommends 190/50 17 ( which is the size i already use ) and here in the forum you all recommend 190/55 17. Thanks
  15. How about flipping a front or rear to somehow repair a cold or hot tear?
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