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Rossi 10 Riding Tips Video

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Might be a repost, but I just found this and thought it was pretty good. Many of those techniques should not be used for the street, nor by amateur track goers. I highly recommend not using the rear wheel slide, lol. Also, the narrator is the chief track instructor for California Superbike School in England...right Cobie?



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Good stuff. Thanks for posting it. And I haven't seen it posted here before. I think most of it, aside from the rear brake slide, is pretty basic and standard stuff for track riding. And some things, like the starting technique, are not generally well-known, even by many racers.

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It's a nice video for the beginner (which is a category I still put myself in), and has a couple of things worth at least thinking about on the track, and I should make sure I'm doing.

I have a few protective lines on a track I'm real familiar with because it has a couple straights just long enough for a liter bike to pass me on, but I know in the corners I'll pull away. It's usually just after I pass them in the corners I almost unconsciously go into those lines because they're still right behind me.

We have drag racing occasionally at Firebird, so all the riders get to practice their starts. There is usually no one there, and a couple riders who went out there not to long ago said they did about 20 runs in a row because no one showed up.

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