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Downunder Newbie From Western Australia

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Hi, found this forum after registering on the new Australian CSS website.


Only started riding 5 years ago at age of 60 after some recalcitrant jemmied both doorlocks of my car when I was piloting ships late one night.

Bought a 50cc. motor scooter so I could lock it up in our office & the rest is history!

Caught the bug badly & ended up with both road & track bike.


To consolidate & catch up on 40 years of not riding bikes, did CSS Level 1 & 2 in November last year & 3 & 4 in January at Phillip island. Had a fantastic time + learnt heaps; especially Level 3. Privileged to have Keith & Dylan Code at some of our sessions.


All the levels greatly helped me to get my knee down properly, especially at Turn 2 & 6.


Look forward to accruing more knowledge from this forum.


Best wishes,



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Hi Vincenzo,


Glad to have you up here mate, I didn't get down to Oz with the boys this last trip, but did quite a few over the years to help Steve and the guys get things started. Great time to be riding.


Here's a great story from Oz, and one that showed me age is not the issue: riding at Eastern Creek in 2000 or so, and this white haired guy came by on a GSXR, and he was flat flying. It was great to see.



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